The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency

The Pistol License Bureau

We're here to serve constituents in the five East End Towns of Suffolk County.


The Pistol License Bureau is responsible for the investigation, issuance and maintenance of all pistol licenses for residents of the five eastern townships (East Hampton, Riverhead, Shelter Island, Southampton and Southold). The Pistol License Bureau maintains over 5,000 active files and records, and records renewals, handgun transactions, and other correspondence for each active file. 

Suffolk County Sheriff's - Riverhead Office

100 Center Drive South, Riverhead, New York 11901, United States

(631) 852-2233.


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In case of DEATH, SERIOUS ILLNESS, or MENTAL DISIBILITY of a Pistol License Holder, please contact the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Pistol License Bureau as soon as possible.  DO NOT handle any firearms; leave all hand guns and long guns where they are and contact the Pistol License Bureau first for assistance.

Pistol License Bureau Hours (Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm): call (631) 852-2233.

Saturday/Sunday & After Regular Business Hours: call (631) 852-2286.

 NOTE: This form is for Pistol Licenses issued by the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office ONLY.  If you have a pistol license issued by another law enforcement agency, contact your issuing agency for more information on the FOIL Exemption form. 

Foil exemption form