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Community Programs


Suffolk County Sheriff Errol D. Toulon, Jr.  is pleased to offer a variety of programs to school and community groups designed to further our mission to enhance public safety, educate our youth, and promote community-based partnerships between law enforcement and the general public. Many programs are made possible through grants from state and federal sources, or funded through crime-related asset forfeiture.




The Test Don’t Guess Program

Home Drug Test kits have been purchased by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office and are made available to residents in Suffolk County. The program aims to offer free drug test kits that can be used in privacy to assist parents and guardians with monitoring the behavior of their children who are under the age of 18.

The test kits give parents a tool to engage in the critical conversations about drug use; and offers a method for parents who suspect their child may be using illegal substances to be reassured of their judgment and seek professional help if needed.  

Program Contact: (631) 852-3763

or email Christie.Wanat@suffolkcountyny.gov

The McGruff Crime Dog Bully Prevention Safety Program

The McGruff program offers children in grades K - 3 important personal safety lessons while getting them actively involved in the learning process. Children of all ages are faced with many types of social challenges, and unfortunately, bullying has become a serious issue for many kids. The McGruff Program seeks to give children the social tools they need to recognize bullying behavior, prevent it from occurring and handle it effectively when confronted with a tough situation – whether on the playground, the bus, the lunchroom or playing in the neighborhood.

The program runs for 4 consecutive weeks: one day per week for 30 minutes. The program is taught by a Suffolk County Sheriff’s officer and culminates with a visit from McGruff the Crime Dog and attractive award certificates for all participants. 

Contact: (631) 852- 2663  or 852-3763

The Stopped Program

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office offers this voluntary notification system to parents who have a young driver under 21 years of age.

Under the program, a decal is affixed to the car of the young driver, and if stopped by Sheriff’s Deputies, a notification card will be sent to parents by mail or email to let them what occurred. 

Program Contact: (631) 852-2277

The GREAT Program (Gang Resistance Education)

The GREAT Program aims to prevent bullying, youth crime, violence, drug use, and gang involvement while developing a positive relationship among law enforcement, children and families. G.R.E.A.T. lessons focus on teaching life skills to help students avoid using delinquent behavior and violence to solve problems, and to aid them in making better choices in life. There are four components to the G.R.E.A.T. Program: a 13-session middle school curriculum, a 6-session elementary school curriculum, a summer program and a family-oriented assistance program.   Read more.

Contact: (631) 852- 2663  or 852-3763

Youth Enlightenment Seminar (YES) JAIL TOURS 

This program is available to school groups, and other youth groups, that may benefit from a first-hand look at what life is like behind bars. Inmates within the facility meet with groups to describe how their bad choices led to incarceration, and aims to deter young people from engaging in criminal behavior by showing them first-hand the potential consequences of their behavior.  Read more.

Contact: (631) 852- 2663  or 852-3763

Enhanced Personal JAIL Tours

In 2009, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office expanded the Youth Enlightenment Seminar (YES) Program to allow parents to accompany their children into the Riverhead County Correctional Facility to experience first-hand what life may be like if their drug or alcohol abuse leads them into incarceration. This program is offered by appointment only and is designed to provide a realistic lesson to young people about how their current path may affect their future.  Read more.

Contact: (631) 852- 2663  or 852-3763

Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver is a rapid-response program that aids victims (and their families) who wander as a result of cognitive impairments, or other afflictions. The program combines technology and specially trained Sheriff’s Deputies to locate individuals who have wandered. Project Lifesaver clients wear a “watch-type” wristband transmitter (worn on the wrist, ankle or as a necklace), which emits a tracking signal.

When a caregiver calls the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Project Lifesaver line to report that a client has wandered, a search team responds to the wanderer’s area and, while in route, activates the vehicles mobile locator tracking system. A hand-held unit is used to search for clients in areas inaccessible by vehicles. Read more.

Program Contact: (631) 852-4028

The Sheriff’s Office has impairment simulation driving carts, funded through a grant. The office has three driving carts along with simulated DWI impairment goggles.  

Contact: (631) 852- 2663  or 852-3763

“In Case of Emergency” Medical Alert ID Card

The Sheriff’s Office regularly visits senior centers, VFW halls and other community groups to provide emergency medical alert ID cards. There is no cost for the card. 

Program Contact: (631) 852-2206

Operation Safe Child – Photo ID Cards

Officers from the Sheriff’s Office photograph and fingerprint children and submit their relevant information to the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services (Amber Alert). Parents are issued ID cards to keep for their children. The card contains critical information to aid in a child’s search should they ever go missing. 

Contact: (631) 852- 2663  or 852-3763 

Sheriff's Handicapped Parking Violations Email Tips Line

The public is encouraged to report any handicapped parking violations to the Sheriff’s Office at SheriffTips@suffolkcountyny.gov

K-9 Demonstrations

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office’s K-9 Unit is available to visit schools and community groups to demonstrate the unique abilities of its specially trained dogs. 

Contact: (631) 852- 2663  or 852-3763

Bike Rodeo and Safety Clinics

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office offers a Bike Rodeo and Safety Clinic to teach kids the real world skills they need to ride a bicycle safely. Lessons such as where to ride on the road, how to hand signal, how to safely cross an intersection, and how to properly wear a bicycle helmet are demonstrated and discussed by Sheriff’s Officers. Participants can test their steering skills and practicing safe riding, all while having fun. 

Contact: (631) 852- 2663  or 852-3763

Child Car Seat Safety Checks

Nationwide, the statistics on child safety seats are startling. Up to 72 percent of the child safety seats in cars on the road have serious defects or are improperly installed. Specially trained Officers from the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office are available to attend community forums and event to perform child car seat safety checks.

Contact: (631) 852-2663  or 852-3763 

Student Internships

Internships are available for both college and high school students who have a strong interest in law enforcement. Interns participate during the summer and fall semester. Spots are limited.

Contact: (631) 852- 2663  or 852-3763

Real Men Don’t Abuse

This program is offered throughout high schools in Suffolk County. It seeks to educate students about abuse in relationships, violence, date rape and other related topics.  

Program Contact: (631) 852-5694


Uniformed personnel from the Sheriff’s Office are available to attend job fairs, informational seminars, career days and other events to explain employment opportunities and career possibilities in the Suffolk County Correctional Facility. This function serves to inform and attract a diverse group of high caliber candidates.  Read more about careers at the Sheriff's Office.

Contact: (631) 852- 2663  or 852-3763

Special Seminars and Presentations

Contact: (631) 852-3763 or Sheriff  Toulon’s Office at (631) 852-2205 to request a special presentation to your school or community group.