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The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

How to File a Property Execution

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1. You must obtain a Transcript of the Judgment from the Clerk of the Court.

2. You then must file the transcript with the Clerk of Suffolk County. You may call the Clerk's Office for more information at (631) 852-2000, or visit them online.  Keep a copy for your records, and make another to file with the Sheriff's Office.

The address for the County Clerk is:

Suffolk County Clerk's Office
310 Center Drive
Riverhead, NY 11901

3. Request a Form 199 (aka Execution Judgment) from the Clerk's Office upon filing the Transcript of Judgment.  

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4. Make 7 copies (front and back) of the original Form 199. One copy may be retained for your personal records and 6 copies must be sent to the Sheriff's Office, along with the original document.

Forward to the Sheriff:

  • The original      Form 199
  • Six copies      (front and back) of Form 199
  • One copy of the      Transcript of Judgment
  • A note with your      name and a daytime contact phone number.
  • A certified      check, money order or attorney's check made payable to the Sheriff of      Suffolk County for the statutory fee of $15.00, plus the mileage fee.

Refer to the Mileage Chart for fee information

If the defendant is no longer at the address shown on the Judgment, you must provide the Sheriff's Office with a current address. Without a correct address, the Sheriff will be unable to collect on the judgment.

Note:  You may pay in cash if you visit the office in person.

Mail to:

Sheriff of Suffolk County
360 Yaphank Avenue -- Suite 1A
Yaphank, NY  11980

For more information, please call us at 631-852-5627


Sale of Real Property Form

CES-RP (pdf)