The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency

The Major Divisions of the Sheriff's Office

The patch of the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office


The Operations Division is overseen by the Chief of Staff and includes bureaus such as the Emergency Preparedness Section, the Academy Bureau, Community Relations, Personnel and Quartermaster.  


Corrections Division

The Corrections Division is overseen by the Warden, who along with three Deputy Wardens, has responsibility over the entire correctional system. Suffolk County has two correctional facilities -- one in Yaphank and another is Riverhead.  It is the largest suburban correctional system in New York outside of New York City.  


Police Division

The Sheriff's Office's Police Division is overseen by the Chief Deputy Sheriff who has responsibility for all Deputy Sheriff commands.  This includes the Enforcement Bureau, First District Court, Gabreski Airport, Criminal Investigations Bureau, Domestic Violence Bureau, Headquarters Bureau.